Kieran O’Hare


    My background is interdisciplinary, my interests many and wide-ranging. I was educated at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and at Trinity College, Dublin, where I received a first-class honours degree in Modern History. I work as a musician and as an independent editor, though I constantly strive to interweave my work and my personal pursuits into one creatively integrated life.

    My passion for reading, words, and language brought me into my work as a writer and editor, as well as an enthusiastic participant in the burgeoning field of independent magazine publishing. I was the co-founder and editor of Éirways, a magazine about Irish culture and people at home and around the world. Since 2015, I have been an editor at the seminal Offscreen, working alongside independent magazine pioneer Kai Brach to bring refinement and clarity to its content. I am also a contributing writer for Every, a bundle of business-focused newsletters. 

    On the musical side, I am a performer, producer, and artistic director. This work has taken me around the world: to Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and The Kennedy Center, to L'Olympia and the Folies Bergères in Paris, and venues from Strasbourg to Shanghai to São Paulo. I am a member of the trio Open the Door for Three.

    I am an enthusiastic cook and baker, a collector of Provençal culinary pottery, an avid crossword completer, a devotee of Irish uilleann piping and Cape Breton fiddle playing, a voracious reader, and a frequent – perhaps maddening – cross-country punner. 

    I am humbled to have once been described by the legendary author and broadcaster Studs Terkel* as ‘a one-man ecumenical movement’. In that spirit, I truly seek to listen, read, write, cook, observe, travel, ask questions, and pursue the unexpected with equal curiosity.