Kieran O’Hare


    My background is interdisciplinary, my interests many and wide-ranging. I was educated at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and at Trinity College, Dublin, where I received a first-class honours degree in Modern History. I work as a musician and as an independent editor, though I constantly strive to interweave my work and my personal pursuits into one creatively integrated life.

    My passion for reading, words, and the English language brought me into my work as a writer and editor, as well as a participant in the burgeoning field of independent magazine publication. On an ongoing basis, I am copy- and sub-editor of the seminal Offscreen, working alongside indie magazine pioneer Kai Brach to bring refinement and clarity to its content. I have been the co-founder and editor of Éirways, a magazine about Irish culture and people at home and around the world. Other projects have included work for the journal An Píobaire in Dublin, Other Arts magazine in San Francisco, Boston College, and The MacArthur Foundation.

    On the musical side, I am a performer, producer, and artistic director. This work has taken me around the world: to Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and The Kennedy Center, to L'Olympia and the Folies Bergères in Paris, to theatres from Shanghai to São Paulo, and even to a stage in the center of a bullring in Mallorca. I am currently artistic director of un grand spectacle in France called ‘Fête de la St. Patrick et de la Bretagne’, and a member of the trio Open the Door for Three

    I am humbled to have once been described by the legendary author and broadcaster Studs Terkel* as ‘a one-man ecumenical movement’. In that spirit, I truly seek to listen, read, write, cook, observe, travel, ask questions, and pursue the unorthodox with equal curiosity.