Copy Editing

This is the most common level of service I provide. I will make sure that your writing is clear and elegant. I will fix technical errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, consistency, et cetera), and make sure that your work adheres to a consistent style (British v. American English, for example, or the ‘style sheet’ of your publication). I will also work along with you to revise, restructure, or rewrite as necessary; fact-check; and verify the information included in your work. The end result will be writing that is strong, eloquent, and ready for print or the web.

Content Editing

This is the most substantive form of editing I offer. In addition to editing your copy, I will work directly with you to undertake an in-depth edit of your work, line by line, to the point of re-writing if necessary. This intense edit will leave your work sleek, clear, and focused; strengthen your arguments; and convey your point to your reader in the best way possible.


When your piece or publication is almost ready for publication – it has been copy-edited, laid out, and designed – I will go over it to eliminate errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and typography. The final product will be clear, consistent, correct, and ready for publication.


Please contact me directly to discuss my rates, turnaround times, and how we can work together.

About Me

‘Good editors are really the third eye.’

—Toni Morrison